Thomas Aylott

Married for 9 years. We have 3 girls aged 7, 5 & 1.

Almost immediately after I first connected my first 2400 modem to the local BBSs I began doing UI. I would trade my ANSi art skills for free access. Joined one of the top ANSi art groups CiA (Creators of Intense Art) as agent_42. We released monthly packs of digital art.

I am now working mostly on freelance client-side web development projects and contributing to various open source projects.

This mostly ends up being minor release announcement, tips and tricks, etc…

I desperately need to update the blog engine and client-side. I haven't updated any of that since 2005.

Open Source
Open source for many of my little toy projects. I also love to contribute to other peoples projects.

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The MooTools board of directors recently formed with Valerio (the creator of MooTools), Aaron Newton and myself as the first board members.

I was brought aboard the MooTools Development Team when I helped migrate the project from Subversion/Trac to Git/GitHub/Lighthouse. MooTools Developers

Currently the project leader of the MooTools-Slick standalone CSS3 Selector parser and engine. Test-first development is a hard rule on Slick.


One of the top 10 core TextMate bundle contributors.

Everything from Themes and Language syntaxes to Ruby commands/scripts. The maintainer of a number of bundles including Javascript, CSS and Velocity, among others.


Mostly client-side development. Implementing designs as HTML/CSS/JS.
High performance Ruby on Rails site.

As one of a two man development team, I handled most of the client-side development. HTML/CSS/Js, Rails views, controllers, AJAX, AS3 (confetti view).

RMS Communications

  • Various tools for their employees
  • A touch-screen webapp to use on the warehouse floor
  • Reporting apps for management
  • Apps for accounting
  • Extensive Web app for their customers

Not available to the public.


Web design and development.

PSNtv now offline

Web design and development. CSS layouts, extensive browser compatability. now offline
Web design and development. Regis Philbin was our spokesman.

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